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"Creating from home...

I feel there is a certain wisdom in being home... creating in my studio. The outdoor views, sounds, and smell, the paint the brush, the utter care of creativity."  Sybil

Blessed... She resides in Colorado with her husband, creative daughter and two very wise poodles.

 Contemporary Artist and American Painter Sybil Hill Carter has successfully sold her paintings for the past 20 + years, her art finding its way into the homes of many collectors and numerous galleries. She creates each painting in a manner that emits a unique style of movement + color in an elegant composition... most notably in her current series "Equine and Flowers". 

This Summer 2023 she is preparing for her first "Equine" show at her Basalt location -

 "G a l l e r y  1 0 1" 

Even though Sybil creates most of her pieces at her home studio in Carbondale, Gallery 101 was opened in Basalt in 2021 as a way to display her art in a "gallery" setting for clients to enjoy. 

She and her sister/co-owner Ingrid Magidson who is also an accomplished artist each adorn the walls with their creations. 

Gallery 101 is owned and operated by the twin sisters who enjoy spending "Summer Sundays" at the Gallery from 11:00 - 4:00 with Clients + Collectors + Designers.

Throughout the remainder of the year Gallery 101 is open by appointment only.

 With the calming sounds of the Frying Pan River drifting into the space, Gallery 101's peaceful and beautiful setting is the perfect atmosphere for their artwork.

 "Sybil Hill Carter's work is mesmerizing and uplifting" 

-Robin Waters

Sybil’s journey as an artist began early in life. As a child Sybil was drawn by art and spent a great deal of time visiting the many galleries and museums in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her family. 

 Fortunate to have parents gifted with artistic abilities, she thrived in a home that placed great value and respect on all artistic endeavors. Her father was an accomplished abstract painter who exhibited his work in the Dallas Museum of Art and was highly acclaimed for his self-taught style, a style that enabled Sybil to watch, learn, and grow as an artist.


Sybil gravitates toward artists that share in creating positive thoughts and images, and those employing colors found in fashion, which is not surprising since she and her twin sister first started their careers as models walking the many runaways from Italy to Switzerland. Sybil also lived and worked in Puerto Rico where she studied at the Arte’ League in Old San Juan for a year.   

Lexie & Robert Potamkin, Aspen CO.

Clair Evert Shane & Steven Shane

Eaden and Deva Shantay, Carbondale, CO

Gayle King. Chicago, IL

Katherine Heigl Los Angeles, CA

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, Aspen, CO

Texas Commerce Bank, Dallas, TX

John Muse, Muse Industries, Dallas, TX

Adam and Louisa Goldsmith, Aspen, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Zappata, Mexico City, Mexico

Franklin Levinson, The Horse Whisperer, Maui, HI, and Aspen, CO

Bruce Kay, Aspen, CO

Leatham Stern, West point, CT

Gene and Lauren Kravitz, Miami, FL

Shirley and Mike Orsak, Menlo Park, CA

Sandie and Archer Bishop, Aspen, CO





 Africa in Action

Bridging Bionics

Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer

Aspen Animal Shelter

Celebrity Downhill, Aspen, CO

Small Miracles, Aspen, CO

Ross Montessori School, Carbondale, CO

Animals and Friends, Park City, UT



(970) 618-0435


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